The area around Riverchase Estates continues to attract major businesses and significant investments, even in the midst of an economy that is seeing challenges in other parts of the country. Announcements include a variety of industries ranging from the manufacturing of semiconductors, copper tubing, and fiberglass to wine and seltzers. Further attractive is the fact that other service and support jobs tend to follow manufacturing investment and expansion.

Pallidus announced in early February that it plans to relocate its headquarters to York County, creating a $443 million manufacturing facility for producing silicon carbide wafers used in semiconductors. This relocation will bring 405 new jobs to the area. Learn more.

PDM US, a manufacturer of pre-insulated copper pipes, also announced it has plans to expand operations and establish its global headquarters in York County. PDM will invest $18.5 million and create 25 new jobs here. Learn more.

Chester County, located just south of Riverchase Estates, will see expansion by IKO, a leading global manufacturer of roofing products. IKO plans to renovate and expand an existing facility and build a new facility as part of its $363 million expansion creating 180 new area jobs. Learn more.

E. & J. Gallo Winery is ramping up production in Chester County after opening its massive East Coast distribution facility last fall. Gallo is producing its popular High Noon hard seltzers and has created more than 130 jobs since opening last fall. Learn more.

For most Americans, a home is one of the largest investments that they will make. Home and homesite sales and their price appreciation rates tend to align closely with household and employment growth. These business expansions speak to good fundamentals for Riverchase Estates and the area that it is a part.