Living Well, Living Here

Getting outside and exploring nature at Riverchase Estates is good for your health. Riverchase Estates offers a lifestyle second to none, with awe-inspiring natural beauty, resort-style amenities and immediate access to numerous lifestyle choices.

Getting outside and exploring nature at Riverchase Estates is good for your health

Riverchase Estates offers a lifestyle second to none, with awe-inspiring natural beauty, resort-style amenities and immediate access to numerous lifestyle choices.

Living amid such natural beauty is a true pleasure – and also great for your family’s health. Each time you and your family hike into the forested solitude of our 500-acre nature preserve, slide into a kayak at our private Riverside Landing, or work up a sweat playing and exercising at the Eagle Commons Clubhouse, you’ll help heal and strengthen both body and soul.

Don’t just take our word for it. “The outdoors beckons. Heed that call, and you’ll reap physical and mental benefits,” reports the Harvard Health Record. 1

The Harvard article is among more than a dozen news reports and studies we reviewed recently regarding the health benefits of having easy access to nature and physical activity. And few communities have greater access to both than Riverchase Estates.

Get walking in nature

Who doesn’t like a walk, especially in a forest or a beautiful neighborhood? Riverchase Estates has nearly 4 miles of walking trails in its 500-acre nature preserve and throughout the community.

You’ll love the solitude, the beautiful views of the Catawba River and the numerous health benefits. Among them:

  • Short walks work well – British researchers have found that walking just two miles each week will increase mental and physical health – even if you take several short walks rather than a big hike. 2
  • Forest air heals – Japanese researchers have documented health-building benefits that come simply from breathing the forest air. 3
  • Early-birds get the bump – Being able to jump out of bed and run out the door for a pre-breakfast jog or a workout at Eagle Commons Clubhouse brings a special reward: Research shows that exercising in the sunlight before breakfast reduces body fat faster than when done later in the day. 4

Put on the sneakers and get moving

It’s always a beautiful world when you step outside at Riverchase Estates. Our gated community’s tranquil streets and well-appointed custom homes provide the perfect setting for quiet strolls and challenging runs. The steps get even easier when you think about these benefits.

  • No. 1 best cardio – A brisk walk is one of the easiest and most effective cardio workouts, says a report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. If you can walk at least 100 steps per minute, you’ll reap substantial fitness benefits, the report adds. 5
  • Sunny strolls make sunny moods – Short neighborhood walks on sunny days can improve memory, increase creativity, ease pain and make you happy – thanks to the way our bodies crank out serotonin and endorphins when we bask in sunlight. 6, 7
  • Walk fast, crave less – Need help cutting back on sweets or tobacco? No kidding: British researchers have found that walking briskly for 15 minutes a day can lower cravings for both. 8
  • Cold morning? Burn more fat – Research shows that we burn more calories when exercising on cold days. "For most people, the most accessible form of outdoor cold-weather exercise is simply putting on some running shoes and other appropriate gear and stepping out the front door to go for a walk — and eventually a run — in your neighborhood," this news report says. 9

Swim, paddle, play or play ball

Healthy workouts come in many forms. Hate jogging? How about paddling, instead? You might also enjoy playing a game of ball, swimming in a pristine pool or chasing the kids down a forest trail. You can do all of this and more while exploring the incredible amenities offered at Riverchase Estates.

The 6-acre Eagle Commons Clubhouse is the ultimate playground for every age. The facility provides a single destination close to home where residents can work out, play tennis and basketball, enjoy Yoga and Pilates with neighbors, swim or just watch the kids have fun in their very own adventure playground.

A much quieter but equally important amenity for fitness and escape into nature is the private Riverside Landing on the Catawba River. The landing is the perfect place to kayak, canoe, picnic, or simply soak in the calming beauty of Mother Nature.

Kayakers frequently set off from this point to explore the expansive and historic Landsford Canal State Park, directly across the river from Riverchase Estates. Have you seen a bald eagle in the wild? You may at Landsford Park.

  • Get happy - Health benefits from sports and workouts may seem obvious, but did you know that regular exercise in the form of team sports and individual activities can lower anxiety and depression? You get the benefits even with moderate exertion, Australian and German researchers found. “I’ve seen firsthand the incredible benefits that even the slightest amount of regimented exercise can have on anyone,” Dr. Vernon B. Williams, the director of sports neurology and pain medicine at Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute in Los Angeles, told Healthline.com. 10
  • Anecdote for osteoarthritis – Varied activities also can strengthen your immune system and prevent some forms of osteoarthritis – that bane of aging bodies that brings pain to key joints like knees. Researchers say that taking part in multiple activities (like those available at Eagle Commons Clubhouse) is far better for the body’s joints than focusing on just one regimen, such as jogging. 11
  • Pump up your immune system – Just a half hour a day of these activities will help your immune system ward off heart disease, stress and some forms of cancer, another news report says. 12

We hope you’ve gotten the message by now: A home at Riverchase Estates makes for good living AND good health.


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